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Indochina Kajima starts construction of new resort

2024.03.21 12:50:58

Indochina Kajima starts construction of new resort

PHÚ YÊN — Indochina Kajima Development Limited (Indochina Kajima), a joint venture between Indochina Capital and Kajima Corporation, has started construction of a new luxury resort at Bãi Nồm Beach in the south-central province of Phú Yên.

This is Indochina Kajima’s first major luxury resort project in Việt Nam.

Indochina Kajima starts construction of new resort

The Bãi Nồm site includes an entire cove demarcated by cliff and hill-like promontories to the north and the south bordering a spectacular pristine honey-combed beach, opening onto the tranquil, turquoise East Sea perfect for swi妹妹ing and other water sports, on Việt Nam’s south-central coastline.

The new luxury resort in Bãi Nồm is the result of a partnership between two prestigious brands: Indochina Capital, the leading developer in Việt Nam’s premier luxury property arena with a portfolio of high-end properties across Việt Nam and Kajima Corporation, one of Japan’s top developers, with luxury properties dotting the world.

The Bãi Nồm Resort will feature expertly designed residences with exquisite interiors and ocean villas with a private pool, nestled within various leisure and entertainment facilities to offer a world-class holiday experience.

“When we initially envisioned Bãi Nồm, we thought first of The Nam Hải to create something extraordinary that would make Phú Yên’s coast a premier international leisure destination. When I first saw the Bãi Nồm site, I was mesmerised: the beach, the water, bordered by the steep cliffs to the north and the rolling hills to the south, just an incredible natural setting with forever uninterrupted panoramic views of the sea and beyond. I knew from that moment that we had found the opportunity to create another hospitality landmark for Việt Nam,” said Peter Ryder, Indochina Capital’s CEO.

The construction and design of the Bãi Nồm resort will bring together a world-class design team and world-renowned resort operator, following the award-winning blueprint that has proven successful for Indochina Capital.

In addition to Bãi Nồm, Indochina Kajima is developing  二0 Wink Hotels, Việt Nam’s first international hotel brand, made in Viet Nam for Việt Nam, over the next  五- 七 years, all part of its initial investment co妹妹itment of US$ 一 billion into Việt Nam, with the first, Wink Hotel Saigon Centre just put into operation. — VNS